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Virtual coworking and body doubling with a judgment-free, ADHD-friendly community

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"Combining the freedom of remote work with the extra focus that comes with someone else working nearby"
- New York Times

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Designed to enhance executive function for remote workers and ADHD

Hosts and agendas keep the session organized
Timer and tasks always visible
A community of peers to keep you motivated
Body doubling for focus
Sessions per week
Sessions in every timezone
400+ community hosts
39+ Cave Guides
Neurodivergent, Founders, Academics, Students, etc
Body doubling for focus
Sessions per week
Sessions in every timezone
400+ community hosts
Specific groups
Neurodivergent, Founders, Academics, Students
Body doubling for focus
Sessions per week
Sessions in every timezone
39+ Cave Guides
Specific groups
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Report feeling supported in their productivity journey

Julie A.

University Professor
Friendly accountability and body doubling turned out to be the two key things I needed to effectively manage my ADHD. Flow Club provides both of those.

Ximena V.

Graduate student
Just having someone "next" to me doing their own thing is enough for me to focus. How body-doubling works is a mystery to me, but I've achieved more in the few months I've been with Flow Club than I have in years.

Bianca W.

Financial Analyst
As a chronic procrastinator who gets overwhelmed easily, I LOVE Flow Club. It’s the only thing that will have me not only start on tasks, but finish them.

Alex S.

Poet and Writer
Flow Club somehow brings the same support into my apartment as would a trusted friend β€” while simultaneously giving me the freedom to interact as much or as little as I am up to on a given day. Magic!

Rana K.

Before joining, I felt lost and alone in my struggles. But through Flow Club, I have been able to connect with a community of people who understand my experiences and provide valuable support and resources.

Lesly Q.

Writer, Learner, and Side Hustler
As someone with ADHD, I work best when I’m around noise and people. Flow Club provides me with the feeling of social stimulation while I work.

Erin R.

Freelance Writer
Sessions help me stay focused and productive by providing accountability, shared energy, and support.

Anonymous Member

Flow Club gave me a self esteem boost that showed I wasn't a time-wasting space cadet with my head in the clouds.

Janel K.

Business Development
I like that the interpersonal interactions are low-stakes and minimal - you don't have to talk or be on camera if you don't want to be.

Bethani L.

Customer Educator, Tech
‍My fellow Flow Clubbers keep me accountable to my goals, and they also encourage me to take breaks and practice self-care. There are so many other ADHDers in Flow Club, and I feel like I've really found my people. I've haven't met anyone from Flow Club IRL, but we still laugh, cry, work, and celebrate together. It's just a magical, supportive place.

Samantha G.

Flow Club has been amazing for my ADHD. The body doubling concept really does work.
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We know it's weird, but Flow Club helps align intention with action, and it really works

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