• Why Flow Club Works

    It's not just virtual co-working

    The Pursuit of Flow State

    Flow Club is about more than just accountability and productivity. We are in pursuit of the elusive Flow State. On the micro-level, that's the feeling when everything that's preoccupying you fades away because your "mind or body is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile." On a macro-level, it's about not half-ass-ing your pursuits so you don't half-ass life. Pursuing flow makes life more interesting.


    Time-boxing is a Tried and True Technique

    The time box forces focus, breaks ambitious work down into manageable chunks, overcomes Parkinson's Law where work expands to fill the time allotted, and allows you to take breaks for optimal energy output.


    The Power of the Focusing Conversation

    Spending a few seconds sharing the tasks you plan to tackle helps you be more intentional and gets your brain ready to focus on those tasks and away from any other thoughts and distractions.


    The Effect of Music is Scientifically Proven

    Plenty of research point to how music creates an environment that stimulates creativity, learning, focus and productivity.


    Our Inspired Club Leaders

    Club Leaders are the most important element to Flow Club. Club Leaders inspire and motivate through their infectious energy, inspiration, musical taste, thrilling stories, and expertise. They design and hold the space for you to work through.


    Social Flow is the Ultimate Flow State

    In researching Flow, scientists have found that people express higher levels of satisfaction when they achieve flow together with others, especially when they are aligned in their goals and pursuits. That's the energy we're all missing these days WFH and away from our loved ones. Flow Club curates great people to flow together.

  • People in the Flow (Club):

    "I always want to make more time for writing, but it's hard to set aside time, focus, and get into the feeling of flow. I joined a couple of writing themed Flow Club sessions and they were super helpful in getting me into that state."


    - Tracy Chou, CEO & Founder of Block Party, and contributing writer at The Information


    People in the Flow (Club)

    "As CEO of a globally distributed team of 25, I have meetings in the morning and evening. I'm also a father. This means I need to get the most out of my afternoons by executing on the most important tasks. Flow Club is now my daily ritual because the Club Leader and fellow members force me to always bring my A game in the afternoon."


    - Michael Feng, CEO & Co-Founder of Hummingbot

    People in the Flow (Club)

    "The hours I get to spend with Flow Club, are far and away the most productive time blocks of my week. I have completed things that had been put off, and learned about exciting new products and initiatives from other people who are part of FC. Tip of the cap to the club leaders for designing enjoyable, but most of all focused work environments"


    - Nicolas Milagro Chapa, UX/UI Designer, Football Coach