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People in the Flow (Club)

Tracy Chou headshot
Tracy Chou, CEO & Founder of Block Party, and Contributing Writer at The Information
Starting a company, trying to write more, representing women in tech

"Flow Club is super helpful in getting me into flow state."

Mike Feng headshot
Michael Feng, CEO & Co-Founder of Hummingbot.io
Managing a remote team, raising a kid, trying to finish up in time for dinner

"Flow Club is now my daily ritual. It time-boxes what needs doing and gets me going in the afternoon."

Nicolas Chapa headshot
Nicolas Milagro Chapa, UX/UI Designer, Football Coach
Building a freelance business, supporting his athletes

"The hours I get to spend with Flow Club are far and away the most productive time blocks of my week."

Amanda Ables headshot
Amanda Ables, Program Manager at Back on My Feet San Francisco
Preserving her weekends for rest and recovery

"Hearing about all of the work that was accomplished in just 50 minutes reminds me how much sweeter success is when it’s shared."

Anna Bleker headshot
Anna Bleker, Founder of Talium.co. ODF1, Mozilla Builders
Starting a company, growing a baby, and reducing her "ramp up" time for getting to work

"Flow Club is seriously such a life hack! It actually helps me get work done instead of being a distraction. It really feels like a coworking space."

Irene Yu headshot
Irene Yu, Founder & CEO at Skiplevel.co
Building a company, mentoring Product Managers

"Flow Club helps me procrastinate less, and be productive more–one hour at a time"

Bring unwritten briefs, dreams of inbox zero, even your taxes

Flow Club members have lots going on, and use sessions to make progress on them all.

Flow Club members tasks
Flow State - a feeling of energized focus, being "in the zone," while getting things done.
Flow Club members pursuits

Or, find time for pursuits outside of work

Writing more, reading more, nurturing new ideas and side projects all have a place in Flow Club.

See what some company and structure can bring to your work

Good energy means better ideas, better work, better outcomes.

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Minutes to declare your goals

Minutes to drop into flow on your own

Minutes to celebrate time well spent