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"Combining the freedom of remote work with the extra focus that comes with someone else working nearby"
- New York Times

Wait - Why On Earth Are We Co-Working With Strangers On The Internet?

We know it's weird, but we designed Flow Club to fight distractions so we can get productivity and flow.


Sometimes you need that extra boost to start (or finish) a project. By speaking your goal in front of others, you are much more likely to do what you intend.

Flow On Demand

The formula for flow state is motivation, skill, and positive feedback. We've created our sessions to deliver these elements so you can feel productive and happy.

Turn it off

The better you work, the better you rest. Our hope is that our sessions help you focus and accomplish more, so you can rest and focus on the other things in your life that matter.
The Internet Wants to Distract us.
So, We're Teaming up to Beat it.

It's tough to stay focused in a digital world. Whether it's incoming distractions, or just the lure of the World Wide Web - true deep work is hard to achieve.

And working remote can make it even worse.

You can try Pomodoro techniques, or new shiny productivity software, but those solutions lack the accountability we need.

That's why we created Flow Club - a digital co-working platform engineered for deep work.

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Work solo, not alone

Show up

Join a small group that's here to work with you.
Find accountability through live, video co-working sessions.

Share a goal

Your host will guide the room, so that you can skip awkward small talk.
Opt into our hand-picked work music.

Seize the hour

Use the power of the group to focus on what matters most to you.

Praise from the community

Flow Club member Molly
Molly R.
Startup Founder with ADHD
"I love the co-working sessions. They help me get started on the complex tasks I’ve been putting off and provide encouragement that I wouldn’t normally get on my own."
Flow Club member Alli
Alli T.
Content Strategist working remote
"I use Flow Club to stay motivated toward the end of my day. It helps me set myself up for a successful next week, and I feel great going into the weekend knowing that I got everything done."
Flow Club member Samuel
Sam D.
"I LOVE Flow Club. It's been an awesome community that really helps bring focus and productivity into my life. In the chaos of starting a company, being a part of this community has given me clarity."
Flow Club member Caitryn
Caitryn M.
"Flow Club is a win-win for one’s productivity: the task is completed more efficiently, and there is time for more desirable activities."

We're Sure You Have Questions

What is Flow State?

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Professor of Psychology at Claremont Graduate University, published "Flow" in 1990, the seminal text on flow state based on decades of research. In Csikszentmihalyi's words, flow state is “a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter." In flow state, anxiety and your ego drops away, and you improve your ability to direct your attention. The key to feeling in flow is to identify activities that are just challenging enough for your skill level, and progressing to bigger challenges as your skills expand.

Flow Channel

As modern knowledge workers, we rarely get to experience flow state. Even more elusive is the sense of progression and mastery of your work. When was the last time you felt accomplished? Do you feel like you are better than you were a month ago? The pursuit of flow state reminds us to asks these questions about the work we do everyday, and Flow Club is where we gather to do it.

What are the benefits of Flow Club?

Ultimately Flow Club is about improving mental fitness, feeling fulfilled at work and finding more time for life. The specific benefits you will experience include but are not limited to:
- Sharpened focus
- Minimized distractions
- Heightened intentionality and awareness of your work
- Motivation on demand
- More time for deep work, side pursuits, and life
- Increased confidence through a sense of agency
- Clearer delineation between work and rest
- More restorative rest
- Inspired company of peers and hosts
- Lower stress and anxiety
- More creativity

We hate BS too, and some of these things inevitably sound like BS. Best we can do now is to show you some testimonials, but you should stay skeptical and try it out for yourself.

See our Wall of Love.

How do you know that your method works?

Flow Club’s method is based on the popular Pomodoro Technique, which millions of workers around the world practice on a daily basis. The Pomodoro Technique helps people overcome discomfort by working in small time increments of 25-minutes, followed by a 5-minute of break. In Flow Club, the most popular length of session is 50 minutes.

Research shows that we put off work not because we are lazy or lack discipline. We do it to avoid negative feelings like overwhelm and uncertainty. We reach for distractions to soothe our negative feelings or busy work to help us feel productive. Instead, the Pomodoro Technique helps you focus by shrinking your goal down to the next few things you can do in the time allotted, making it easier for anyone to make real progress.

Who are the hosts?

Our hosts are volunteers from the community. Hosts help lead each session, check in with you on your progress, and bring their music and positivity to help propel you forward. You can be a host too after 10 sessions.

Do I have to keep video on?

Yes, as much as you can. Of course, if you need to turn off the camera, that’s okay. As a community, we keep our videos to create an energetic virtual environment for each other while we work, like working at a cafe! The video boxes are small, and no one is looking at you because everyone is focusing. In case things go wrong, we enforce our community guidelines to keep out bad behavior.

How much talking is required?

Not much at all because we gather to focus on getting stuff done. We share our goals and progress with each other to keep each other accountable, that’s all.

How strict are your sessions’ rules?

Flow Club’s aim is to support diverse working styles. We believe that you know what works best for you. To this end, you can use the session structure as it suits you.

Most people tend to stay for the whole duration and keep their video on, because it is helpful to them to do so. If you need to join late, hop out early, or turn off video, that is completely fine with us. This is a tool that’s here to serve you, not the other way around.

Our sessions provide the flexibility for you to:
• Join at any time as long as you have booked the session in advance.
• For new trial members, we offer even more flexibility so that you can drop in and try out a session without booking in advance.
• Turn your video and audio on and off.
• Leave a chat message to your fellow attendees if you are joining late or jumping out early.

I'm already productive working solo. How will Flow Club challenge me?

In Flow Club you are still working solo. What Flow Club adds is a layer of structure and external accountability to help you push yourself a little harder. It’s like going to the gym by yourself versus going to a workout class. You’ll find lots of high performers like yourself in Flow Club, and you’ll be surprised by how much more you get done.

How is it possible that strangers keep me accountable?

To be clear, it’s still you who is keeping yourself accountable! There’s just no way around that. 🙂

But, it’s also clear that we are social animals. Many people work better when they are in the presence of others. The host in the room asks each participant to share their goals out loud. The act of sharing and being visible to others creates enough energy for our members to get started and to follow through.

How should I prepare for Flow Club sessions?

Take a moment to think about what you need to do, and then figure out the smallest first step you can take. Then simply join a Flow Club on time to get it done.

How is this different from video chat with friends?

Flow Club is a live, structured experience with specific choreography that is easy to participate and host in. As a member, you’ll find that it’s much, much easier than organizing your own group.

We've thought through details to help people focus and remove overwhelm:

Flow Club's Schedule
Flow Club’s predictable schedule helps you create consistent daily routines. You can book ahead to help you block out time.

Calendar Reminders
We send you a calendar invite so that you can make an appointment with yourself and others to remind you to show up. Your teammates will also respect your time because it appears as a meeting.

To-do List
The To-do list doesn’t carry over, which helps you start fresh each time.

Small Videos
Videos help people feel present. We display them in limited width and height so that they aren't overly distracting. Controls such as on/off toggles and background blur support your changing needs.

How much is Flow Club?

$40 / month or $33.33 / month (paid annually) to access hundreds of live sessions every week

Why does Flow Club charge for a subscription?

Flow Club’s subscription model makes it so that you can keep up the habit consistently without attendance limits.

Do you buy coffee to be around others while you work? Do you pay for services to help you increase your productivity and focus, or address issues with distractibility? Then, Flow Club instead! $40 might be similar to the cost of a fitness class or two, and at this price you get access to unlimited sessions every month. Flow Club is mental fitness for work!

Your subscription will help pay for the constant learning and improving that our team does to provide this platform.

Can I get my company to pay for Flow Club?

Yes, Flow Club usually fits under a co-working or wellness stipend. Here’s a resource page on how to ask.

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