Work with your ADHD, not against it

Flow Club is a co-working community to keep you accountable and manage ADHD

Do you struggle to focus because of ADHD?

You’re not alone. Managing ADHD in the digital age can feel impossible with all of the distractions at our fingertips, especially if you work from home.

If you’re like us, some of these statements are probably true:
No matter how hard you try to focus, you find yourself being pulled in a million directions on most days
At the end of the day, you often feel like you didn’t get enough done, even if you spent a lot of time working
You sometimes have a highly productive day but struggle to figure out what you did that was different
You have trouble getting into a flow state where the day breezes by and you easily finish everything you need to do
You sit down to work and have so much to do you don’t know where to start and find yourself anxiously spinning your wheels
You’ve read about different productivity “hacks”, techniques and methods for ADHD but don’t know how to implement or use them consistently
If you nodded your head “yes” while reading any of those, you've come to the right place.

We created an online co-working community called Flow Club to fix these common problems many people with ADHD face on a daily basis.

Flow Club was carefully designed to help you break out of unproductive patterns, using proven techniques that help manage ADHD, so you can unlock your productivity.

The best part is that, being on a Flow Club session is fun, so you’ll look forward to it, instead of dreading what you have to get done today.

How Does Flow Club Help People with ADHD Become More Productive?

We painstakingly researched, tested, and refined the most effective productivity techniques that help people manage ADHD more effectively.

Through our testing and research we discovered eight highly effective methods and strategies for managing ADHD that we call The Flow Club 8.
The Flow Club 8
Improving time management skills
by using strategies like time blocking and keeping a calendar.
Creating a rigid daily routine
and limiting choices so you spend less time deciding what to do and more time doing it.
Getting organized
Sometimes focus is a challenge, because our life or work isn’t organized enough. Getting the details organized will help you spend more time doing and less time feeling anxious.
Managing distractions
Turn off the TV, limit noise, create boundaries if you live with other people, put your cell phone into moon mode and eliminate as much outside stimulus as possible.
Making a task list, then breaking it down into smaller tasks
Overwhelm usually comes from trying to do much in too little time. Figure out what needs to happen then break it down into bite-sized pieces you can tackle one at a time.
Setting specific goals and working with intention
Once you know what you need to do and have it broken down into smaller pieces, set an intention and focus on one thing like a laser beam.
Being consistent
When you find things that work for you do more of it — a lot more. Consistency builds stronger neurological patterns so you can get more of what you want out of life with less conscious effort.
Finding a community and social support
For accountability, being part of a like-minded community and saying your goals out loud to others are two proven ways to get more done.
Figuring out how to implement even one of these strategies can be overwhelming and make anxiety worse.

That’s why we combined all eight into Flow Club to bring you an online co-working community with the goal of supercharging your productivity.

Flow Club utilizes all of these methods together to help you manage and work with your ADHD instead of fighting against it, especially if you work at home or in a remote position.

The process is both proven and powerful and we’ve already put everything into place for you. All you need to do is click the button below to create a free account, then pick a time to flow with us.

ADHD can become a super power when you use the Flow Club 8 to support you.

Work solo, not alone

Show up

Join a small group that's here to work with you. Find accountability through live, video co-working sessions.

Share a goal

Your host will guide the room, so that you can skip awkward small talk. Opt into our hand-picked work music.

Seize the hour

Use the power of the group to focus on what matters most to you.

A Flow Club Hour

Share your goals with the group
Mute your mic and work on your own
Celebrate time well-spent

For workers at companies of 1 to 100,000

Try a new way to manage your ADHD

Flow Club combines popular methods that are shown to help manage ADHD and boost productivity, so you can spend less time working, and more time doing what you love.
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Time blocking

Minimize context switching costs & time blindness

Body doubling

Work with people committed like you


Bianaural, lofi, or more— for the right level of stimulation

Praise from our users with ADHD

Words from Flow Club users

Molly R.

Startup Founder
“I need to do stuff that I don’t want to get started on, and once I get started it’s totally fine. That’s why I like Flow Club so much.”

Jon M.

Creative Director
“As someone with ADHD who struggles a lot with focus, the session was AMAZING!”

Julie A.

University Professor
"Flow Club helps because sometimes I get pretty deep into it and lose track of time. The timed session is helpful so that I don’t go off the deep end."

Frieda K.

Graduate Student
"One of the things I love about FC is when I check a task off, confetti comes down and I get a dopamine boost."

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