Christopher Bowns

Christopher Bowns

"Figure out where to navigate the space ship."

Christopher is an iOS developer and keto backpacker based out of Bend, Oregon. He joined Flow Club for its structure and accountability, using it to keep his focus narrow and put his energy into the day's Most Important Work. His sessions are all about setting a concrete goal at the start, and checking in at the end on progress and defining next steps. Join him for layered, syncopated electronic music to get your best work done. Classic 60-minute session. Great for first-timers to see what Flow Club is all about.

How do you structure your work in Flow Club?

It's important to have a good definition of "what's the most important work right now." It can be helpful to take time before or at the beginning to figure that out. I'll often break a 6 hour problem into a one hour chunk. Flow Club is great for starting a new problem/project because it lets you build momentum off of that. If you go into a session knowing that this is going to be the start of a three hour work block, it's ok to spend the first 30 minutes figuring out what that block is going to look like.

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

I love layered, syncopated electronic stuff. I really like Phantogram because the vocals tend to be equivalently mixed to the instruments. I used to play the drums so that balance is big for me, but in Flow Club I keep it instrumental. Others: Bonobo, Rumtum

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