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Keep your team in sync without more meetings

Real-time accountability and support for your remote team to achieve more while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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An image of a web browser with videos of people and a to-do listA web browser with people on camera, and a to-do list

"Combining the freedom of remote work with the extra focus that comes with someone else working nearby"
- The New York Times

Flow Clubs illuminated a number of things I didn't expect: 1) It enabled great camaraderie within the team 2) The updates around the horn for 5 min at the beginning and end of each session gave me a lot more data points around what ppl are working on 3) It allows us to build rapport with team members in other "orgs" (we're not that big, but most ppl don't know each other because we are remote)
- Elizabeth Yin, Founder at Hustle Fund

For Remote Managers

Improve remote productivity and well-being

Flow Club turns your non-meeting hours into productive, synchronized virtual co-working sessions to facilitate deep work, flow state and connection for your remote team.

For People Ops and HR Leaders

Build team camaraderie and break down remote silos

Virtual co-working creates natural opportunities for your employees to discover what everyone else is working on, helping you encourage support and collaboration in a budget-conscious way.

Integrates with your Slack

Integrates with your Slack to help your team coordinate co-working sessions and celebrate achievements.

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A new way to co-work that distributed workers love and managers love to support


Flow Club already delivers structure, accountability and shared purpose to thousands of individuals from around the world. Our methods are informed by the Pomodoro Method, Body Doubling, positive psychology literature on Flow State, among others.


Our software enables anyone on your team to host a successful co-working experience, from scheduling logistics to creating a productive video environment complete with timers, music, to-do lists.


DJ  music to help your team focus and use built-in ways to celebrate progress and have a little fun! Great for building a strong, supportive culture.

Set up co-working in your company

1. Install Flow Club in your company Slack

2. Anyone can organize co-working, right in the Slack

3. Teammates love it and get to know each other more

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