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You succeed when your members succeed

Turn your Slack or Discord or Circle into a productive virtual co-working space to help your community achieve their goals, together.

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An image of a web browser with videos of people and a to-do listA web browser with people on camera, and a to-do list

"Combining the freedom of remote work with the extra focus that comes with someone else working nearby"
- The New York Times

Flow Club transformed our Slack from a chatroom to a vibrant, face-to-face virtual co-working space where we support each other. Outside of IRL events, it’s the most important source of connection for us.
- Elizabeth Yin, Founder at Hustle Fund

Improve your members productivity and well-being

Help your community achieve their goals by creating focus-inducing virtual spaces to get away from distraction and get in the flow, which has been demonstrated to increase well-being.

Spark new, productive connections

Co-working sessions create natural opportunities for your members to discover what’s going on in each other’s work life and encourage connection and collaboration.

Integrates with your community software

Introduce Flow Club directly in your Slack/Discord/Circle and allow your members to organize co-working right where they are without managing.

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A proven virtual co-working experience that scales with you

Proven experience

Flow Club already delivers structure, accountability and shared purpose to thousands of individuals from around the world. Our methods are informed by the Pomodoro Method, Body Doubling, positive psychology literature on Flow State, among others.

Co-working software

Our software enables anyone to create a successful co-working experience, from scheduling logistics to creating a productive video environment complete with timers, music, to-do lists, and ways to celebrate progress.

Simple & scalable

As the community leader, Flow Club is easy to set up for your community and scales as your community grows. You can think of it as a type of event your members love and connect around that you never have to organize.

Set up co-working in your community

1. Install Flow Club in your community

2. Anyone can organize co-working, right in the community

3. Community loves it and gets to know each other more

Try it with your community

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