Vimbayi Kajese

Vimbayi Kajese

"Happiness is the integration of both hemispheres of the brain: creativity and logic."

Vimbayi is a former news anchor and third culture kid turned speaker, writer and founder. She believes that happiness is found at the intersection of logic and creativity and uses Flow Club to balance errands and admin work with writing (she’s currently penning a psychothiller!) Vimbayi enjoys ethereal space music, lounge and classical: high sensation instrumentals that allow you to hear something different each time you hear the music. Ask her about giving Ted talks, pivoting a startup and travel!

What kind of work do you bring to Flow Club?

Flow Club helps people who are perfectionists who suffer from paralysis analysis to just get the work done. I take care of a lot of errands in Flow Club. Scheduling, emailing, organizing myself. It creates discipline around timeboxing and gives me the time and space to think through solutions and upcoming meetings. That creates more time for the creative work that goes into writing or thinking about a business model.

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

I'm a high sensation seeker. I love Bjork because her music is very stimulating; every time you hear it you hear new sounds. You can expect ethereal space music, lounge and classical in my Flow Club sessions.

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