Minjeong (MJ) Kim

Minjeong (MJ) Kim

"Drop in for a quick pick me up."

MJ is a designer with in-house and consulting experience in California and Seoul. She first found flow through yoga, and brings her expertise in holding space and curating playlists to every Flow Club session she hosts. One of the best pieces of advice she received was early on when working as a second grade art teacher: “The kids don’t need you to have perfect art or teaching techniques. They just need to feel cared for and loved.” MJ believes this is true not just for kids, and is interested in the role of emotions and belonging in stirring up the motivation to do good work.

What helps you get into the flow?

Morning mobility routines help me be less in my head and more in my present reality. Regardless of what I’m working on, I can get into my groove if I start the day by feeling the sunshine (let’s assume it’s sunny outside) and moving my whole body. For movement, I’m into Tom Merrick’s morning mobility follow-alongs.

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

I can always depend on Four Tet and Tycho. As with Four Tet, sometimes the music can be very energetic and even chaotic while being helpful for focus. I also need variety. For example I’m listening to Remi Wolf right now.

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