Micha Goebig

Micha Goebig

Join Micha, based in Seattle, confidence coach for women in male-dominated spaces and owner of a communications agency serving the German luxury car industry. Micha loves her almost-daily Pilates Reformer workouts, her lab mix Lili Marleen, classical music and efficiency. Ask her about confidence tips and German cars.

How do you describe Flow Club to people?

It's my virtual coworking space where I love to hang out as much as in previous IRL spaces. Not only can you get loads of work done, especially tasks you'd rather not do if you didn't have the accountability – you'll also meet a ton of cool people.

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

Calm piano music (Spotify Perfect Concentration), modern classical music (Spotify Thesis Writing), Spotify French Classical Music

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