Matthew McLellan

Co-founder and CEO of Halp

Matthew McLellan

"Get it on the calendar."

Matthew is the CEO and co-founder of Halp, providing 1:1 admissions coaching for grade 10-12 students. As a first time operator, Flow Club helps Matthew prioritize a few big things every week and consistently execute. When he isn't working, he loves to workout (he golfs ~once a week). Join Matthew to work to chill piano, lo-fi beats or instrumental music and get your best work done!

How do you prioritize to make the most of Flow Club?

We’re first time operators. It seems like everything on to do list is equally important, prioritization is tough. I found that when you have 3 flow clubs and those 3 hours are to get 3 things done. The anxiety around when am I doing this, when will things get done could be overwhelming. In the beginning, I worked hard and got 60% of the way on 5 things. Now I prioritize 2-3 big things and get them all done each week.

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

When there are lyrics it’s hard to concentrate because the music is good. I like to match tasks to the music. Lo-fi beats or instrumentals work for everything. I listen to chill piano instrumental when doing any kind of deep work that is thinking or writing related. For mindless tasks, I like to play house or disco, something fun.

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