Lani Assaf

Lani Assaf

"Lean into the times that feel the most productive."

Lani, working out of NY, is building a community platform as a marketing team of 1. She’s been searching for a better way to work since reading Deep Work when it came out 5 years ago. For Lani, Flow Club is a space where she can connect with others who are also being productive and focused to get more work done. Lani is a lifelong dancer, a former yoga instructor and an active photographer (she’s also learning to roller skate!) Expect to hear everything from jazz to lofi beats to upbeat Spanish and Portuguese music in her sessions. Join her to get your best work done!

How do you fit Flow Club into your day?

I lean into times that I feel the most productive. In the mornings, I don't need much motivation to get going. In the afternoons it's harder. Flow Club unlocks the power of being in a space with other people who are also focused and productive so that I can get more tasks across the finish line while staying focused. I've been consistently doing our weekly newsletter in Flow Club instead of putting it off and that feels really good!

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

I love listening to music in other languages, especially Spanish and Portuguese (spoken English makes me think about the song too much). I like a mix of beats that are upbeat but I also like lo-fi and jazz.

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