Jiwon Moon

Co-Founder of XX. Prev: Wefunder

Jiwon Moon

Jiwon, working out of the Bay Area, is the Co-Founder of XX. Jiwon started XX because she read that only 2% of funding goes to women-led startups and she wanted to change that. She loves to travel but keeps coming back to SF because the people are great and she loves exploring trails throughout the Bay Area. When she isn't working, she's writing or making videos. Jiwon hosts to create a space for creative work: writing, video editing, anything people do for fun. Join her to get your best deep work done!

What's your favorite work for Flow Club?

I believe are people are at their best when they have a space to explore their interests outside of work. During Flow Club sessions, I like to write and to make videos; really doing anything creative outside of day to day work.

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

All over: hip hop, K-pop, I like a wide variety of music.

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