Jason Yeh

Jason Yeh

"My business would literally be 5x further along if I had discovered Flow Club 6 months earlier"

Jason is an experienced LA based entrepreneur who hosts HIIT workouts every weekday morning. His business, Adament Ventures, is focused on making fundraising for startups easier and more accessible to as many people as possible. Jason flows most weekdays as a forcing function for getting deep work done.

What kind of work do you like to bring to Flow Club? One tip for people to be successful?

Literally anything that needs to get done. I cannot believe I made it this far in life with the level of (undiagnosed) ADD, procrastination, and work avoidance that I have. My tip would be to be very specific about what you're committing to doing and having some sort of reminder that you're there to do it (e.g. music, other people watching me).

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

Khruangbin, El Michel Affair

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