Caitryn McCallum

Caitryn McCallum

"moving forward suddenly feels possible when we have a witness to our process. why go at it alone?"

Caitryn McCallum is an epidemiologist working on long covid research and infectious diseases policy and research in Boston. She took her first yoga class when she was 14 and (immediately curious and hooked) has been a student + teacher since. Feel free to ask her about the yoga nidra sessions she holds (aka adult nap time), and be sure you'll start her flow sessions with a little stretch from your chair. She loves homemade cold brew, running, poetry, and very long beach days.

Favorite task to bring to Flow Club?

writing and organizing data. and all of the tasks I'm a little bit resistant to -- because they suddenly become attainable with friends in flow.

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

Lane 8, seb wildblood, Rhye, ford ... basically anything with a little beat and only-a-few words to get into flow. Thank you Ricky, David, and Haley for flow and getting me into the depths of spotify...

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