Armando Ochoa

Armando Ochoa

"Show up everyday."

Armando is a BizOps manager and Venture for America alum based out of West Hollywood. When he isn't working he's spending time at a nearby dog park with his pug Howie. Flow Club has helped Armando find flow state increasingly consistently (he comes to sessions almost every weekday!) Armando likes working to meditative rhythms, instrumental trance, and pop/hip-hop playlists. Join him to get your best work done!

What helps you get into Flow State?

Flow State is easier to find the more you're able to build a habit around it. It took a little time to get going but now I go to Flow Club almost everyday.

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

Trancey stuff, little to no vocals, very reptitive, meditation-ish music. Meditative Mind, Lana del Rey, Reggie James and Hans Zimmer all help me get into flow.

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