Amy Young

Amy Young

"Use Flow Club as a flywheel for getting started"

Amy is a sales ops leader based out of Ohio. She is also a recovering actor and voracious reader: she’s read a book a week for the last 3 years. Amy uses Flow Club as a flywheel to get started, especially for the work she has been avoiding. She finds it helpful to setup an hour for personal projects, data cleaning, starting a personal CRM, unfollowing people on Twitter...all of the personal digital hygiene things that we don't always make time for. Amy is happy if she's winning the fight against entropy. Some days, that looks like inbox 0. Other days, it looks like clean, elegant workflows.

How do you figure out what you're going to work on during Flow Club?

In some cases, I use it as a way to measure how long it's going to take me to do something. I have to edit 40 workflows today, how many can I do in this time. Flow Club will be a start of something, and use it as a metric for how long things will take.

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

I like a pretty wide variety. There's Ludovico Einaudi, In a Time Lapse; Chopin Nocturnes & Etudes; James Brown, The Popcorn...I especially love the 40s, 50s and 60s greats.

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