Amit Mukherjee

Amit Mukherjee

Join Amit, a VC transitioning to crypto full-time. Amit has known the Flow Club co-founders Ricky and David for years, first meeting Ricky when they both were in college. Since then Amit, David and Ricky they've traded notes on their entrepreneurial efforts, balled out together in 6'3"-and-under Asian basketball leagues, and meditated together. Amit just moved from SF to NY and loves meditating, personal growth, basketball, Peloton, and scotch.

Share a tip to help people get the most out of Flow Club?

Start the session with 4x4 breathing to get into a place of focus and creativity.

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

Creativity Boost & Productive Work Playlist on Spotify, Taylor Swift

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