Amanda Ables

Amanda Ables

Amanda is a customer success manager and experienced nonprofit leader working out of San Francisco. Outside of Flow Club, she is usually running, swimming, hanging out with her dog, or experimenting with new recipes. In each session she leads, Amanda hopes to create a space where you can feel good about yourself and the work you are getting done. Members love her upbeat music and energy.

What helps you get into flow state?

Most of the things that help me get into a flow state are things I have discovered as an athlete- visualization, positive self-talk, accountability, and practice, practice practice. For work, this usually looks like imagining the feeling of completing a task (right down to the taste of my celebratory coffee), reminding myself of a specific trait I have that makes me JUST the right person for the job (like my obsession with organization), and signing up for Flow Club sessions - over and over again!

What kind of music do you play in your Flow Club sessions?

Curated artists. It can be really hard for me to find flow while sitting still, but sometimes I can trick my brain with the right music- artists like Jai Wolf and Big Wild are great for both a sweat sesh or a Flow Club! I also love a theme, so every Thursday you will find me playing covers of all your old favorites.

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